❤ Flat Makeup brush Best Use: The Flat makeup brush is most commonly used for liquid or cream foundation application to set the canvas. The flat top makeup brush also works great with powder, cream, and minerals to build coverage, setting your look, and concealing even the most problematic skin type (redness, uneven skin tones, large pores, acneic, dermatitis). How to Use: Gently stipple products on large area, then vertically swirl the brush does the rest, buffing out your foundation an airbrushed finish. The flat top gives all over, even the most problematic skin type. Pro Tip: Use the mini concealer brush to apply concealer to any problem spots using a stippling technique. Stippling is done by quickly dotting the brush against the skin to spread the product. ❤ Powder Brush Best Use: The Round Makeup brush can be used with any type of foundation, though it is most commonly used with mineral foundation makeup and powders. The soft round bristle head is designed for large area coverage such as forehead, cheeks, nose and eyes, achieving a flawless finish every time. How to Use: Dab the bristles into the product and tap the brush against the edge of the container to remove any excess product. Start at the forehead and buff product on in a circular motion moving down to the chin and jawline. Buffing spreads and smooths out the product with quick circular motions. Continue to build upon depending on the coverage you desire. Pro Tip: Apply minerals over foundation to set the foundation – this will give you longer lasting makeup throughout day.

Luxury Beauty Makeup Brush 1 Piece - Foundation and Powder Makeup Brush

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